Episode 7

Interview with Martin Hess, Managing Director of Cancom UK


July 16th, 2020

34 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

Dock9's MD, Mark Lusted, continues our Tech Talk series with Martin Hess, Managing Director of Cancom UK (part of a global IT services company).

In a variation from our usual theme, in this episode we discuss the hot topic of office reopening. While most offices in the sector remain largely empty, Cancom reopened their offices on 26th May and Martin has been vocal in the press urging others to follow suit.

Topics covered:

  • Why service companies can lose their “edge” with whole teams working from home

  • The wider economic impact of most offices being closed

  • The process Cancom UK undertook to safely reopen their offices

  • Why they made office attendance optional, and what the take up has been like

  • How they helped people overcome the fear of returning to the office

  • The future role of the office as part of increased flexible working

  • Practical tips, and lessons learned, for those planning to reopen their offices

Cancom UK have also kindly made their office reopening process, templates and documents freely available to other businesses. Visit the link below to find out more: